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One of the most pressing threats to life on Earth today is the ever-increasing pollution from the use of polymeric and composite materials. Unfortunately, these non-degradable materials are present in most products and packaging without sufficient consideration of their environmental impacts.

In order to reduce this type of pollution, Bluesky Citizen focuses on innovative solutions that allow:


replacing polymeric and composite materials with more sustainable materials


reducing overall content of polymeric materials in products and packaging without compromising their quality


reducing consumption of polymeric auxiliary materials used during the production processes and packaging


reducing number of non-conforming products and scrap from work-in process and finished goods


applying most efficient ways of waste disposal (economically and ecologically)

Bluesky Citizen SMEs have more than a decade of experience in Automotive Industry with proven record in solving these pressing issues. Complexity of Automotive Industry allows us to transfer our know-how and expertise into other industries as well.

Please let us know, how our experts can help your business to deal with the outlined issues.

Bluesky Citizen also helps companies with disposal of non-hazardous waste

The contact for any of these topics: peter.chytil (@) blueskycitizen (dot) com

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