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Household & Pet Products

Our planet is every second becoming one giant dust bin of durable consumer goods.

This rapidly increasing pollution comes from the excessive purchases of products that consumers in reality very often do not need. They make those purchases even just for the reasons like having new selfies on social media (showing-off). This trend of insatiable impulsive buying behavior is worsened by producers who focus on „look-good“ instead of functionality and durability of their products. As the result, enormous mountains of valuable things are thrown-away as waste daily. Although those products should have served their purpose for many years still and in this way justify huge resources wasted already in production and distribution of those products.

Bluesky Citizen is dedicated to reduce global waste by upcycling (repurposing) thown-away things of value. In this way, we deliver our customers unique and innovative high quality products and at the same time reducing the damage done by impulsive and mindless consumers-made pollution of Earth.

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Bluesky Citizen also repairs and refurbishes your favourite products that has been damaged or worn-out (We specialise in yewelry, clothing, furniture and various accessories)

Price is calculated upfront as following: 40 EUR / hour of work including VAT, plus material and transport costs.